The first EP of Maddrigal, Blacklight was compose mostly between winter and summer 2018, in Strasbourg and Paris.
It’s a project flirting with downtempo and dark ambient.

This first chapter lays the foundations of the aesthetics of the musician.
Here, the exploration is total, that of Maddrigal is a deformed mirror to that of the listener. The timbres and nuances intertwine in spaces that could come out of a science-fiction movie.
A polymorphous narrative framwork is then drawn. The musician breathes life into it, creating a mystifying music that is almost elusive yet familiar.

Tones resonate like chaos, whispers hide noises and dreams. Granular wanderings harmonize like plants, where the black light illuminates a bewitching electric jungle.

a dark portrait of maddrigal

We discover a rich inner life, a dialogue between different textures. The haunting melodies are full of dissonances.
Repetition is then essential, multiple listening can allow access to new angles of reading, discovering little by little the painting in its entirety
Its power of attraction pushes us to discover the many layers and organic materials that the album has at its disposal.

The title of the EP then takes all its meaning, advancing in the black light, we discover a dialogue between different textures, an unspeakable reverie of a fauna growing up in a surrealistic world.

a photo taken in a live show

“It is often complicated for an artist to assert his or her own musical identity when he or she releases a first project. Maddrigal passed the test. The result is a five-headed hydra: Blacklight. A dark atmosphere, illuminated by this famous black light, which lets the machines dialogue shine through. ”

“ [...] but Maddrigal does not get lost in pathos (contrary to some of his colleagues)[...]
The codes are defused. Contemplative pieces follow [...], rather simple in their structures, but whole in their textures. One also finds there the inspirations of Aphex Twin through certain melodies. [...].

That’s why Maddrigal convinces with this first EP: he simply manages to draw inspiration from various universes and makes them converge towards his own.
By daring to release a project that does not languish in an infinite sadness, he brings lightness and sometimes a touch of groove. Conceived as a true spiritual and mystical journey, the soundtrack of the collapse theory has finally found its ray of light.”
Manifesto XXI.

“It’s late at night, you can’t fall asleep and you find yourself wandering the halls, trying to find a way to put your mind at ease.
You pick up a book in hopes that it will slowly guide you back to sleep but instead, a hauntingly beautiful song comes into the room.
It’s filled with a dark and ambient soundscape, layers upon layers of texture and depth.
“Stirring” by the French producer Maddrigal is the perfect backdrop for those sleepless nights as this calming yet distorted track showcases his exceptional talent”
Rural Sounds.

maddrigal · BLACKLIGHT