This second Maddrigal EP, Essence/Lack thereof… was composed in Paris, during the year 2020. It is an ambient/downtempo project with IDM sonorities.

Essence/Lack thereof… invites us to cross the mirror to enter a world apart. A sensitive world, which is the result of a complex distillation of the musician’s process. A microcosm with curved time, where at every moment, Maddrigal invites us to leave aside our fear of abandoning ourselves.
Here the emotion is total, the music follows one another and destabilizes us while holding our hands. All the elements are a sign of life and offer us a varied spectrum of color.

Who am I? Who is the dreamer? It is by trying to answer these questions that the music making up this painting was conceived.
By setting to music its intimate nature, Maddrigal invites us to explore our own. It is a deeply melancholic album, full of softness and strength.

His influences have infused into a complex liquid that creeps all over us. The door is open. Matter is movement, appearance no longer matters. The beating rains of colors fall and pour into us. Only the substance remains.


Between dreams and dissonances, Essence/Lack thereof… is a polysemic work. The plot is complex, flirting with microtonality.
It was composed entirely with analog synthetizer, including elements of field recording recorded in Bretagne, Strasbourg, Lille and Paris.

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